Are You Struggling To Get Sufficient Quality Sleep Whilst Working 24/7?  If So, This 3-Part Video Series Is Going To Explain Some Of The Causes Of Insomnia and How You Can Fix It - Even When Working Irregular Hours.

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Hi, I'm Audra, founder of The Healthy Shift Worker, and a clinically trained nutritionist, author, accredited trainer and shift work veteran of 20+ years! I'm super passionate about helping some of the most misunderstood people on the planet - AKA shift workers, because I know how incredibly tough it can be to work irregular hours and stay healthy too. I'm fortunate to now be working and helping shift workers all over the world, along with running Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Seminars for organisations all over Australia.

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"After working with Audra the past 6 weeks, I am happy to say that I am sleeping SO MUCH BETTER! I am waking up with energy and can think clearly. I feel like I am in control of my sleep and am prioritising it with the tools I have learned through her program. I am waking up earlier on my days off and enjoying a whole day instead of losing half of to "sleeping in" because I was trying to catch up on lost sleep. I can honestly say that I am enjoying my job/life again now that I am sleeping better and feel confident again. It took work and changing some old habits but it was worth it. "

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